Q: Does Star Product Reviews work with a Yahoo! Legacy Store?

A: Yes. Every version of the Yahoo! Store Editor Platform is able to use Star Product Reviews.

Q: I have your previous version of Product Reviews. Will the reviews I have in the system be carried over to Star Product Reviews?

A: Yes. With the purchase of the Upgrade Install. A knowledgeable and experienced Solid Cactus developer will take the reviews from your previous system and load them into Star Product Reviews.

Q: How many stores can I have under one log-in?

A: You can have as many stores under one log-in account as you like. Be aware that the installation fee is for one license. Adding additional stores to your account will incur additional charges for both installation and monthly maintenance fees.

Q: Are my reviews shared with people who have the same products in their store?

A: No. Star Product Reviews does not share reviews with other merchants using the feature.