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Star Product Reviews from Solid Cactus is a robust, easy-to-manage service, packed with features allowing you to get the most from your customer feedback.

Customer Reviews

  • Solicits previous customers to place reviews about the products they’ve purchased
  • Dynamically displays product reviews on the item page
  • Persuades current visitors to make a purchase based on a peer reviews

Search Engine Friendly Product Reviews

  • Star Product Reviews are included in page content to be indexed by search engines
  • Option to allow indexing on separate page (with link to original page) or to index as part of the original item

Hands off approach to Product Reviews

  • Notifications to an unlimited number of addresses when new reviews are placed
  • Ability to automatically accept or approve reviews
  • Profanity filter will scan all incoming reviews for unwanted words

Other Features

  • Show verified customers with colored icon and customized text.
  • Allow customers to rate reviews by saying whether they were helpful or not
  • Style Star Product Reviews either from the user interface or by a custom style sheet
  • Manually approve, deny, edit, or delete reviews either one at a time or globally

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